About The National Music Conservatory

With a vision for educating and training skilled musicians, the National Music Conservatory (NMC)   assumed its duties in 1986 with an initiative from Her Majesty Queen Noor Al Hussein of Jordan.  Since then, the NMC has practiced a leading role in up-grading the level of music appreciation, awareness and promotion of art music in the local community.  The NMC has also established close ties with local and international music organizations; the NMC enjoys a prestigious position in the various local, Arab and international arenas.

The NMC is one of the educational and cultural projects of the King Hussein Foundation concerned with providing music educational and cultural services for the community and does not seek profit in adherence to the charitable and humanitarian character of the mother Foundation.

Mission Statement:

The National Music Conservatory of the King Hussein Foundation is an educational and cultural institution established to encourage the development of accomplished musicians and to promote music awareness and appreciation in Jordan by providing educational opportunities in music as well as performances that raise the music awareness in the local society


To ensure implementation the mission statement the National Music Conservatorythemes to achieve the following objectives: 

• Provide opportunities to students, preschool through college, to develop their musical skills 
• Through fully developed curricula, prepare and accredit students in the following specializations: performance – vocal or instrumental; composition and conducting; Arab music; music education and music therapy 
• Recruit, encourage and develop musicians with exceptional talents
• Establish a variety of music ensembles and create ways and means for their sustainability and development
• Encourage musical creativity
• Develop music in Jordan to the standard recognized in most prominent cultural capitals and music institutions around the world
• Encourage and develop research of Arab music and music education in the Arab world
• Design and develop Arab music curricula and syllabuses at an advanced academic and educational level
• Promote music awareness and appreciation, and develop a broad base of general public support for the musical arts through concerts, seminars, fora, conferences, lectures, meetings, camps and exhibitions
• Develop and enhance links among Jordanian, Arab and international music entities
• Continually improve and expand a unique music library. 

What NMC offers

• Beginner to advanced instruction for all western and Arab Music instruments and voice supplemented with music courses in theory, ear training, appreciation, history and analysis
• Bachelor degree in five specializations; performance, composition and conducting, Arab music, music education and music therapy
• Performances to promote and spread music awareness in different settings and for different occasions and clients


The National Music Conservatory is one of the institutes of King Hussein Foundation. The latter is established by virtue of the Law of King Hussein Foundation, No. 22, 1999, published in the Official Gazette on 17 July 1999.

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